The 2018 Mill & Overlay and Full Depth Reclamation Improvements Project will include the following roadways:


Mill & Overlay

Circle Pines Road

Emily Road

Kelly Drive

Kelly Circle

Parkwood Drive (from Highland Scenic Road to Mountain Ash Drive)

Parkwood Court

Wedgewood Drive (East of Parkwood Drive)

Flintwood Drive


Full Depth Reclamation

College Road (from TH 371 to Cypress Drive)



Cedars Scenic Road (from city limits to 1,000-feet east)

Baxter Drive (north of TH 210)



The City’s pavement management plan has identified each of these road segments for a mill and overlay, full depth reclamation or reconstruction as indicated above.

Feasibility Report


Construction began on College Road on July 9th.  A detour was in place routing traffic to CSAH 48 (Highland Scenic Road).  From there, access to local businesses in the construction zone can be made from west bound College Road.  We want to emphasize to local businesses that College Road is open to local businesses.  What we don’t want is the additional traffic using College Road as a through street or people cutting through local businesses rather than using the detour.  Law enforcement will be working with the Contractor to enforce proper traffic movements.  Drivers found to be inappropriately or illegally driving around barricades will be stopped and could face potential fines.

Earlier this week, the connection of Evergreen Drive to CSAH 48 was paved.  We hope that this helps provide better access to some of the businesses south of the construction zone on College Road.

Next week (July 16th through 20th), work will continue on College Road.  Crews will continue prepping the base for the new pavement, making utility repairs and possibly begin work on the new curb  gutter. 

Storm sewer work along Parkwood Drive may also begin early next week ahead of the mill & overlay that will take place in the coming weeks.  Scheduling updates on the residential mill and overlay areas will follow in the coming weeks.

Work on Baxter Drive and Cedar Scenic Road will begin in September.  Scheduling updates will be provided later this summer.


Road Detour Map


We appreciate your patience and are doing our best to have the project completed ahead of schedule.  If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us.

For more information, call or email these representatives:

Chuck Rickart, Project Manager | (612) 360-1283 |

Chris Sonmor, Project Engineer | (320) 241-9439 |